‘Computing is not about computers anymore, it is about living.’

Nicholas Negroponte


At Dringhouses Primary School we believe that every child should have the opportunity to use and experience a range of technologies. We aim for children to become confident technology users who are, at minimum, computer literate; enabling them to fulfil their potential and thrive in an increasingly computer-reliant world. Our pupils learn key computer skills which includes developing typing fluency, researching online, coding and data handling which will support them throughout their future.

As a school we aim to:

  • Provide children with an exciting, high-quality, computing education that produces competent, confident computer users, who are digitally literate by the time they leave the school.
  • Ensure that our children have a secure knowledge of e-safety and have the skills to tackle any upsetting or inappropriate content they might encounter online.
  • Deliver a Computing curriculum that is in accordance with the National Curriculum.
  • Use computers to enhance the teaching across all subject areas; including to improve access to learning for pupils with a diverse range of individual needs, including those with SEN.
  • Provide pupils with a range of opportunities to use a variety of different software and hardware

Cross-class planning, in phases and teams, ensures that all classes are presented with equal activity opportunities – planning is separated by teaching staff and often the person planning is more confident in subject knowledge and can provide guidance to their colleagues. The subject-lead is happy to give advice where needed too.


Each class from EYFS to Year 6 should have one allotted computing slot per week; this lesson may vary in length and be using hardware or an ‘unplugged’ lesson.

Children use a variety of different resources support their learning, both in weekly Computing lessons and where appropriate across the curriculum.

Our pupils have the chance to use Chromebooks, iPads and other hardware that we have at school such as electronic microscopes, Bee-Bots and microphones. To enhance the well-structured and progressive Computing curriculum with clear links between year groups, the school makes use of a range of computer programmes including Purple Mash, Scratch, Google software such as Docs, Classroom and Slides as well as many cross-curricular programmes, for example TTRockstars and Spelling Shed.

Currently, Computing sessions are planned in Key stage Teams with KS2 being split into Lower and upper stages. This fits with the skills and knowledge grid which splits these per two year groups.

NB. The outgoing computing leader, E Robinson, mapped out the areas of Computing and their objectives against the school LTP to ensure coverage. These are currently being reorganised to be implemented from September 2022.

Our computing subject leader is Mrs Lizi Backhouse

Please contact her for further information.

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