Design and Technology

Rationale for teaching Design Technology at Dringhouses

Design Technology is an ever-growing part of our modern world. Pupils of Dringhouses are given opportunities to research, design and make products safely by applying knowledge and skills from the programme of study for technology (including cooking and nutrition) and where appropriate, from other areas of the curriculum, particularly art, science, computing and maths. 

Activities in this subject give children the opportunity to develop the key skills of problem solving, communication, improving their own learning and performance and working with others. They learn about designing solutions to improve people’s lives, critique and apply their skills to solve real problems, make better decisions and understand more about the impact of products on the world, including environmental impact.

Aims of Design Technology learning at Dringhouses

Our aims in design technology teaching are that all children can:

  • work independently and with others


  • clearly communicate what they intend to do and how they are to do it through a variety of ways including: drawing, talking, modelling, using technology, sketching
  • solve real problems through the design of purposeful, functional, appealing products based on design criteria and for a given audience


  • recognise the importance of choosing the most suitable tools for a task
  • make informed, confident choices about the suitability of different materials (including ingredients) to complete different tasks successfully – to fulfil the design criteria
  • learn the practical skills necessary to use tools safely and effectively


  • appreciate the value of good design
  • discuss their own work and that of others’ confidently
  • evaluate and improve their own work and that of others
  • understand how key events and individuals in design and technology have helped shape the world
  • work in other subjects across the curriculum, such as maths, computing, art and science


  • Apply their knowledge and understanding of structures, mechanical and electrical systems and computing in their products

We have a progressive yet balanced curriculum of skills, knowledge and understanding. DT is taught both discretely and through cross-curricular lessons. The children are taught in mixed ability classes with projects often linked to other subjects or relevant local, national or international current events /news (such as World Oceans Day or Local charity events and competitions). The children work through the design process building on their previous skills, knowledge and understanding to fulfil a brief whilst applying new learning. High expectations and excellent subject knowledge ensure that all children are challenged. Work is often shared with parents and the wider community through our end of year exhibition.

Our Design Technology co-ordinator is Miss Lucy Boswell

Please contact her through the School Office for further information.


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