On 25 May 2018 a new Regulation came into force called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
The aim of the Regulation is to make personal information even more confidential than it already is. This affects all countries in the European Union.

The school has worked hard to ensure that we comply with the requirements of the Regulation, because we take your privacy seriously. We will include aspects of the GDPR in the IT and computing curriculum so that children learn how to protect their privacy and online reputation in our highly technological world. In addition to this, staff have had training so that they are familiar with the requirements of GDPR.

We have reviewed the security of all our IT systems and the storage of our paper records. If any companies or partner agencies have access to any school data then we require them to confirm that they also comply with the GDPR.

We are using a new system to record school’s use of data. We will also be assessing how we collect and protect the most sensitive data to ensure security levels are as high as can be reasonably expected.

For more information, please see Our Policies page or get in touch with school.

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