A warm welcome from our Headteacher


Ben Sutton, Headteacher at Dringhouses Primary School
Ben Sutton
Hello, and welcome to
Dringhouses Primary School.

It’s my pleasure to work with such an inspiring, friendly and dedicated set of people here – a true team.

We’re a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community, where our staff and children feel valued, looked after, and where learning is viewed as the ‘enhancement of knowledge, capabilities, values, attitudes, [and] understanding (including but going beyond the acquisition of factual knowledge).’ Coffield (2019)

We’re outward looking and we celebrate diversity – looking for representation of ourselves, and of others across our community. We always look to ensure equity of opportunity for all of our children, and see kindness as a fundamental value and attribute of our school.

We’re learners, and leaders – confident, collaborative, and curious – seeking to foster creativity and build community. The school has strong foundations and a culture built on respect, hard-work, and kindness.

Together, we hope to build on the school’s strengths and those before us: continuing to make progress both academically and socially, and by continuing to growing the Dringhouses community.

Feel free to get in touch to find out more – we’re always keen for a chat!

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