Rationale for the Latin curriculum at Dringhouses

In Autumn 2021 we decided to change the language we studied from French to Latin. We felt that this would give the children a broad understanding of a range of European languages as well as supporting their English vocabulary, and contributing to a broad and challenging curriculum.

We are using their curriculum ‘Maximum Classics’, which explores Latin in everyday use, how words are connected by their Latin roots and meanings, and how Latin and English grammar relate to each other. The course also explores Roman myths and culture as well as providing opportunities to find out more about the Ancient Roman influences on our own city of York. A version of the course can be accessed here.

We are mindful that our children go on to study a variety of languages at KS3 (currently French, German or Spanish) so we also build experience of these languages into our lessons, particularly Spanish and French, which are also influenced by Latin.

Aims of Latin at Dringhouses

We have worked closely with ‘Classics for All’, a charity set up to widen Classics teaching in state schools. They aim to: 

  • raise pupils’ aspirations and achievement. Widening access to classical subjects can help to break the link between educational opportunity and disadvantage, giving pupils the confidence to progress to higher education.
  • support language skills for pupils of all abilities, encouraging a structured approach to grammar and a strong foundation for literacy and learning modern foreign languages.
  • encourage cultural insight and awareness, offering pupils new perspectives on contemporary issues.

The MFL subject leader is Mrs Clare Clarke. 

If you have any further questions, please get in touch via the school office.

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